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The Rapid City Area Schools has established an ambitious five-year strategic plan with five goal areas, one of which is 21st Century Learning.  In order to engage students in this learning process and graduate them prepared to thrive in today’s digitally and globally interconnected world, we must have the environment and facilities that provide innovation for rigorous, relevant, and engaging teaching and learning.

More than half of our Rapid City Area Schools buildings are 60+ years old. To put it in perspective – one of our buildings, still in use today, was built during the first year of the Great Depression in 1929. Many of our other buildings were built during the 1950’s…when Harry Truman was our President and color TV was first introduced!

The age, condition and cost of maintaining and improving these buildings is an issue that must be addressed, and doing nothing is simply no longer a choice. These recommendations will have to include funding options, possible boundary changes and other options necessary to best serve our students and greater community.

Updated facilities with flexible spaces are needed for 21st Century Learning and imperative to the success of the RCAS STEAM2program.

STEAM2 is an educational approach to learning that evolved from STEM and uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as points for guiding student dialogue and critical thinking. It shapes students to be engaged in problem-solving, to take thoughtful risks, and enjoy creative collaboration with others. STEAM2 is used alongside traditional subjects to encourage collaborative problem solving and better prepares students to join the 21st Century workforce.

Students at Corral Drive Elementary and East Middle School are among the first in the RCAS District to pilot this important STEAM2  school concept with the goal of implementation at all school levels district wide by 2022.