Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Task Force make a final recommendation to the Board of Education?

The Task Force will make a final recommendation to the Board of Education in late May/early June after they have had an opportunity to consider community feedback and adjust their proposal accordingly.

What happens after the Task Force makes a final recommendation to the Board?

The Board will consider the Task Force’s recommendation and then decide what to move forward with and whether to ask the community to support a bond.

Wilson is the District’s oldest elementary school with many needs. Why is it not addressed in the first phase?

The Task Force looked at several factors besides building condition, like capacity. The group believes they could address both capacity and aging buildings by building schools, and subsequently closing others, in the areas outlined in their preliminary proposal. In this proposal, fewer students would attend Wilson Elementary.

If there is a bond and it passes, how long will it take to do the projects outlined in this preliminary proposal?

This is subject to a number of factors like contractor availability, but the goal would be to complete the projects in Phase I in 3 to 6 years. Again, this is an estimated time line.

If the school I work/teach at closes, will I be out of a job?

Rapid City is growing, which means our staff needs will continue to grow. While staff may move to a different building, there is absolutely no plan to have fewer staff members district-wide.

If you are building three schools and closing three schools – how does that create more capacity?

The schools being built will accommodate more students – around 650.

Why not build a third high school?

Our high schools are not over capacity. Our immediate need is at the elementary level where our numbers are up significantly. Those capacity concerns are starting to carry over to the middle school level. Currently, RCAS does own land in the Valley. Eventually, a third high school could be built there.

Where will the students go while the buildings are being built?

Since all three proposed elementary schools are on new sites, students would stay at the current building until the new schools are built. While the middle schools will be built on the same lots, they will not be in the exact spaces where the current buildings are located. School at South and West would continue as usual, while construction happens nearby.

I know you mentioned that Jefferson and Lincoln buildings would be sold, but I was curious what will happen to the three elementary schools that will be closed? Will the building remain on site and owned by the RCAS? Will the buildings be demolished but RCAS keep the land for possible future builds? Will the buildings be sold?

This has not been determined. It will depend on the site, the value of the land, and an array of other factors.

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